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What do you get when you have over thirty years combined working with trees? You get the best tree service in all of Dallas. Matter of fact, we are so proud of the work we do and the place that we do it that we decided to name our company Paulding Arbor Solutions. Dallas is home and we love it here and that is why we take such great pride in the work that we do.

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We have a passion for tree service that starts not at trees, but on the safety of your home and of your family. Trees can be very dangerous especially when they are dead and near your home.

Dead trees are more prone to falling due to rain or strong winds. And when this happens, it is hard to predict where the tree will land. Unfortunately, all too often, we see trees land on homes and cause thousands of dollars in damage. Even worse, sometimes these falling trees can cause injuries to people and pets.

My wife loves a well-groomed garden. I run an ad agency, and don't really have time to upkeep the yard. 

Paulding Arbor Solutions was able to come in and clean everything up, as well as keep it clean every month.  

Kenneth G. 

Tree Service Paulding County

Yes Yes YES! Paulding Arbor Solutions saved my yard and my roof from certain doom! I thought there was no way to get a few trees, blown over by a storm, out of my way, I was wrong, This team really nailed it! 

They were out same day, and saved my roof from inevitable catastrophe. I'm also planning on using them to clear my yard so I can plant a garden. 

Julia S.

These guys are faster than sound. Seriously. I hired them to clear a few acres, and they got it done in a couple of days, not weeks like the last company. 

They were also super thorough. After they were done, I couldn't even tell there were trees there. 

Scott H.

Safety First

At Paulding Arbor Solutions, your safety, your families safety, and the safety of the things you love the most, are what keep us up at night. Trees are very heavy and very dangerous and when they fall can do incredible damage.

Now, when this happens, Paulding Arbor Solutions is your go to emergency tree service provider in all of Paulding County. We have been providing Dallas with emergency tree service for more than 20 years.

Pro-Active Approach

We would like to not have to wait until trees fall to remove the trees from your property. Removing dead trees before they fall is easier, cheaper, and less dangerous for your family. The best part of this is that it's cheaper. When a tree falls on a house, it is much more dangerous for us to come remove it, therefore we have to charge more.

Also, this gives the opportunity for your insurance company to get involved, and that can make things much more expensive as well. As Dallas’ premiere tree removal service, call us today for a free estimate.


All that to say, we want to come out and take care of your trees and dangerous lives as soon as possible. The sooner we do this, the safer it will be for your family to live around these dangerous limbs and trees.

We are full service and we offer a wide variety of services including tree removal, tree trimming, brush clearing, and stump grinding.


As a full-service tree company, you will never have to call another company to do anything else for you. Sometimes it can be a challenge to have to call more than one company to do multiple tree jobs at your house.

This creates scheduling issues, budget issues, and other unknown issues that are hard to foresee. Therefore, it is always better to have one company who can do everything and having to use multiple companies to do multiple things.

Paulding Arbor Solutions, Paulding county's premier tree service is just that company. We offer all services related to tree service from dropping to removing.

Our Services

Tree Removal Dallas, GA

One of the primary site services that we offer is tree removal. The vast majority of customers that call us want to have trees dropped and removed from their property. The reason for this can be anything.

Whether you have a dead tree that you were concerned is going to fall on your home or your car or possibly hurt your family, or a tree that is simply blocking the satellite signal for your new TV service, we can come out and have the tree removed to ensure it no longer causes you any issues.

Now, we do offer simply tree dropping. The most labor-intensive and expensive part of removing a tree is the removal of the tree after it has been dropped. To ensure that we can remain within your budget, we offer the option of just dropping the tree and leaving it where it lays.

We understand that everyone has different budgetary limits and we try to work with each and every customer to ensure that they are happy with the job done and with the service we provide.

Tree Trimming Dallas, GA

The vast majority of our customers really only need to have limbs trimmed. Very often a living and healthy tree does not need to be removed. What needs to happen is that dangerous limbs situated above cars or above homes or in other dangerous areas simply need to be taken off of the tree so that one of those notorious Georgia storms come through, it doesn't cause the limb to fall and do nearly as much damage as a whole tree.

Tree trimming is also a much more cost effective method to ensure safety around your home without having to remove an entire tree. Another thing that comes along with removing a tree is the cost associated with either removal or grinding of the stump. This is not the case with tree trimming.

So, if you were on a budget, and you have a live tree, often it just makes sense to have the limbs trimmed back and not to have the whole tree removed. Fortunately for you, Paulding Arbor Solutions is easily the best tree trimming company in all of Paulding County and the surrounding area.

Stump Grinding Dallas, GA

Inevitably, when trees are removed, they leave stumps. Most people who have trees removed really do not want to have the stumps left, so they either have them removed or ground down.

At Paulding Arbor Solutions, we recommend stump grinding for a couple of reasons. One, it doesn't leave a large gaping hole in the ground that requires dirt to fill in. Two, the stump will eventually write and create a nice spot for grass to grow or for a pot to be placed.

 Lastly, this is a much cheaper option and stump removal. Stump removal can be very intensive and quite often cost more than a simple stump grinding. We understand the tree removal is an expensive undertaking, and we try to ensure that our price is competitive enough that you can also consider stump grinding when using our services.

Land Clearing Dallas, GA

Are you looking to have that new lot cleared out to make away for your new home or extension on your home or man cave/garage? Are you looking to get a new pool put in and you just have a bunch of brush in the way?

Paulding Arbor Solutions has been providing Paulding county with extensive brush clearing options for more than 20 years. We can make quick work of thick underbrush, privet, and any other kind of growth that is impeding your new project.

We also provide services for any contractors who are looking to do mass level development and some of the faster growing areas in Paulding county. If you are I need a quick brush clearing to make away for your development give Paulding Arbor Solutions a call today and we'd be happy to give you a free quote.

Tree Cabling Dallas, GA

Tree cabling might not be our most common service, every now and then a customer loves their tree so much and the only way to save it is through tabling. Cabling is the process of using cables to ensure that a tree that is leaning or split will continue to grow up in a vertical fashion so that it will survive and not present a dangerous leaning tree to your home or to your car.

If you have a tree that you just love so much and you're worried that the way it is growing will cause it to die sooner rather than later call us today and we can handle that by using our patented cabling system to make sure that the tree grows in the correct direction and that you have it for years to come.

24-Hour Emergency Storm Service Dallas, GA

When it comes to 24-hour emergency storm service, Paulding Arbor Solutions is the only company you'll need to call.

We respond quickly and have years of experience working with insurance companies to ensure that we can quickly move and get the tree removed from the roof of your home or other pieces of your property so that other contractors can come in and get their jobs done as well. 

We would prefer to resolve these issues before they happen, and would hope that people will recognize the dangerous trees well ahead of time. But, we know that Georgia is renowned for its crazy thunderstorms that can pop up seemingly out of nowhere.

And when Georgia red clay gets sopping wet and is combined with wind, then even the healthiest tree can be prone to falling. Don't leave the cleanup of your home and of your yard to just anyone.

Call the professionals at Paulding Arbor Solutions and we promise that we will take great care in your time of need.

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It's no surprise to those that live here that Paulding county was listed as one of the best places to live in the United States. One, it is incredibly beautiful. We have some of the most beautiful parks and lakes that anyone interested in the outdoors could ever dream of.

Two, the people here are just wonderful. Everywhere we go and every customer we work for seems to have a smile on their face and to love living. This just goes to show the Paulding county is the greatest place to live on the planet. It is also why we love so much that we work here and get to spend all of our time here professionally.

We want to continue to invest in Paulding county and the communities that make it up because we want it to remain as beautiful for the future generations that will come behind us.

At Paulding Arbor Solutions, that is our mission. We want to continue to make Paulding county and the beautiful cities of Dallas, Hiram, Yorkville, and all the others remain beautiful and welcoming for all those who decide to move to live near us. We also want to make sure that Paulding is a safe place to live for all those who live here.

One of the most dangerous things that people never consider our trees. Those trees, though beautiful, can present some of the greatest dangers that few people ever expect. And that is why it is our mission to continue to take care of the trees by maintaining the ones that are healthy and removing the ones that present a threat to our fellow Paulding county citizens.

Please consider giving Paulding Arbor Solutions a call to help with your tree needs, whether thats tree removal, tree trimming, or any other kind of tree service. We ensure that we will give the greatest service at the greatest price guaranteed. All of our quotes are free and hassle free and we know that if you give us a chance that you will definitely choose us as your tree service professionals.

Wow! What a month it has been providing tree service in Dallas. Tropical Storm Zeta rolled through and the rest is history. We over at Paulding Arbor Solutions have been busy sun up to sun down taking care of all of the storm damage around our beautiful county. Honestly, we love it, though. While we would never wish a storm on anyone, we love being able to help our fellow Paulding County Residents.

We love it here and we love helping you all as well. So when deadly storms like Zeta roll through you always know the you can call the best tree service in all of Dallas, Paulding County, and the surrounding area. Paulding Arbor Solutions is here for you. So if you are in need of emergency tree service give us a call today. Also, we are glad to work hand-in-hand with your insurance company to ensure you don't have to deal with the hassle. 

The last thing we want to say is this... don't wait until the next tropical storm or tornado or ice event rolls through Dallas to give us a call. IF there is a tree near your home that you are worried about becoming an issue, then why wait for it to fall on your home or your car to have it removed. Paulding Arbor Solutions is not only the most professional tree service in the area, we are very competitive with our pricing. Calling us to remove those trees won't break your bank, that we can promise.

We can't tell you how many people we talked to this week alone that told us they had thought about having the limbs removed or the tree cut down many weeks before Zeta arrived. Every one of them told us that no amount of money would have stopped them if they would've known that the tree or limb that hit their home was going to fall.

What a terrifying experience all because of putting off something so simple as give Paulding Arbor Solutions a call for a free quote. There is no obligation to buy. No pressure to commit. We simply tell you what we think will be best for your yard and for the safety of your home and your property. 

So please, don't leave your family's safety to chance. Call Paulding Arbor Solutions today if you live in the Dallas area and are in need of tree service. We guarantee you won't find a better more affordable tree service in all of Dallas or the west Georgia area. 

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