Vilchis Tree Service of Dallas 105 Chastain Way Dallas, GA 30157 (678) 336-7722 Tree Service, Tree Removal, Tree Trimming, Arborist, Tree Cabling, Land Clearing, Stump Grinding, Emergency Tree ServiceVilchis Tree Service of Dallas 105 Chastain Way Dallas, GA 30157 (678) 336-7722 Tree Service, Tree Removal, Tree Trimming, Arborist, Tree Cabling, Land Clearing, Stump Grinding, Emergency Tree Service
Vilchis Tree Service of Dallas 105 Chastain Way Dallas, GA 30157 (678) 336-7722 Tree Service, Tree Removal, Tree Trimming, Arborist, Tree Cabling, Land Clearing, Stump Grinding, Emergency Tree ServiceVilchis Tree Service of Dallas 105 Chastain Way Dallas, GA 30157 (678) 336-7722 Tree Service, Tree Removal, Tree Trimming, Arborist, Tree Cabling, Land Clearing, Stump Grinding, Emergency Tree Service

Dallas, GA's #1 Tree Service Provider

What do you get when you have over thirty years combined working with trees? You get the best tree service in all of Dallas. Matter of fact, we are so proud of the work we do and the place that we do it that we decided to name our company Paulding Arbor Solutions. Dallas is home and we love it here and that is why we take such great pride in the work that we do.

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Vilchis Tree Service of Dallas 105 Chastain Way Dallas, GA 30157 (678) 336-7722 Tree Service, Tree Removal, Tree Trimming, Arborist, Tree Cabling, Land Clearing, Stump Grinding, Emergency Tree Service

Service Oriented

We've been in the tree care business for years, and we know how to take a good care of your trees. Our expert staff are always on standby when you need them-whether it's trimming or removal! We provide top quality services that will make sure all of your needs are met with 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Affordability Focussed

With our expert services at unbeatable prices, you can get whatever it is that your trees need to be healthy. From tree removal and trimming to pruning or anything else we offer a variety of affordable options!

Quality Driven

With a one-stop shop for all your tree service needs, we're committed to fulfilling every need from start to finish. From offering quick and efficient care in the summer heat to responding quickly after a storm, our professional touch leaves yards looking pristine with no mess left behind.



It’s no surprise to those that live here that Paulding county was listed as one of the best places to live in the United States.

For one, it is incredibly beautiful. We have some of the most beautiful parks and lakes that anyone interested in the outdoors could ever dream of.

Secondly, the people here are just wonderful. Everywhere we go and every customer we work for seems to have a smile on their face and to love living. This just goes to show the Paulding county is the greatest place to live on the planet. It is also why we love so much that we work here and get to spend all of our time here professionally.

We want to continue to invest in Paulding county and the communities that make it up because we want it to remain as beautiful for the future generations that will come behind us.

Vilchis Tree Service of Dallas 105 Chastain Way Dallas, GA 30157 (678) 336-7722 Tree Service, Tree Removal, Tree Trimming, Arborist, Tree Cabling, Land Clearing, Stump Grinding, Emergency Tree ServiceVilchis Tree Service of Dallas 105 Chastain Way Dallas, GA 30157 (678) 336-7722 Tree Service, Tree Removal, Tree Trimming, Arborist, Tree Cabling, Land Clearing, Stump Grinding, Emergency Tree Service

Our Services

Our versatile tree service teams are capable of handling your tree project with speed, efficiency and care.


One of the primary site services that we offer is tree removal. The vast majority of customers that call us want to have trees dropped and removed from their property. The reason for this can be anything.

Vilchis Tree Service of Dallas takes great pride in the fact that we are the best tree removal service in Hiram. Tree removal is what makes us get up in the morning.

There is nothing quite like watching a tree fall and the feeling it gives you when you hear it hit the ground. It is why our hearts light up whenever we get a phone call or a form filled on our website or someone is looking for a tree to be dropped.

First and foremost, we take great pride in the safety precautions that we bring to every job site. First, all of our crew from the workers up to the supervisors are equipped with the proper protective equipment before we ever even crank a chainsaw. Helmets, chaps, headphones. All are worn the minute we step on job site. This is a non-negotiable.

Once we are properly equipped in our safety gear, we carefully observe the job site to check for any possible hazards that might present a danger to our workers into our clients. While we enjoy the thrill of watching a tree fall, we do not want to take for granted the trees are very dangerous and can cause incredible damage if not treated with respect. You don’t become Dallas, Ga’s premier tree removal service by taking safety for granted. Safety is our number one priority and you will see that from our company the minute we pull onto your property.

Once we have assessed the area for safety we will make quick work of the trees on your property. We promise, there is nothing quite like seeing our crew at work when it comes to cutting down trees. We know your time is precious and we take that into account.


From the minute we start to the minute we in we try to work as fast as quick as possible while also accounting for safety. It is also important to us as a company, that we work fast so that we can tend to more customers on a weekly basis. We feel like this is the best way to take care of the people in Paulding county who need to have their trees removed.

There are a wide range of ways to take down a tree. The easiest way is when a tree is far enough from the house or far enough from power lines or anything else that it can damage, we can usually just drop it pretty quickly. However, that is not most of the trees that we encounter in Paulding County.

Most of the trees we encounter are near homes or power lines so we need to be much more careful when this is the case. Sometimes, we will send one of our climbers to the top of the tree to remove limbs and then to cut the top of the tree off. By doing this, we shorten the tree, and we make it easier to fall in the direction that we wanted to. Another method that we use is hooking the tree to our bobcat and then once we run the saw we have the bobcat pool in the direction that we want the tree to fall.


The last thing that we try when trees are really close to someone’s home is to have the climber go up and remove the remove pieces of the tree one section at a time from the top down. This is the safest way to remove the tree when the tree is very very close to someone’s home or powerlines. If a climber cannot get to the tree, we also have access to a crane that we will use to slowly remove pieces of the tree from the property.

Once the tree is down our crew will take all of the branches in excess debris and put it into the chipper. We make sure there’s no debris or anything else around to give evidence that we were even there. We want your property to be as clean as it was when we got there with the exception of the tree.

While our crew is putting the limbs in the chipper, we will be moving the main chunks of logs to the edge of the road. Part of the price that we quoted you is to have a lumberyard come out and pick up the lumber from the side of the road. This may be only a couple of days, but we ensure it will not be more than a week.


The vast majority of our customers really only need to have limbs trimmed. Very often a living and healthy tree does not need to be removed.

Tree trimming is the most common job that we do at Vilchis Tree Service of Dallas. Sometimes removing a tree is not necessary. Also removing a tree especially one that isn’t dead is an expensive task when all you need is to remove some limbs that are hanging over your home.

Therefore, we might not always quote you on a tree removal because we might not think it’s what you need. We try to take our customers needs into consideration when we are putting our quote together and we will not charge you for a full tree removal if you don’t need a full tree removal.

Tree trimming is much cheaper and often times is all you need when it comes to removing dangerous limbs from your property. There are a couple of ways we go about trimming trees. One, if the limbs are low and easy to get to we can simply use of holesaw with some ropes to make sure that the limbs fall where we want to. Once that happens we will use a Wood chipper to process all the limbs that we remove.

Just like with removal, we want to make sure that your property is cleaner than it was before we got there. Many companies in the Dallas area can be messy or rude or have bad customer service but that is not Vilchis Tree Service of Dallas. Not only are we good at what we do when it comes to trimming trees, we are also good at cleaning up and making sure that your property is pristine when we leave.

Sometimes, the limbs are just too high or too precarious for a pulsar to work. So we may need to utilize two different techniques to get those limbs trimmed. The first technique, is to have our climber climb up the tree, attach a rope to the limb, and then remove the limb with the small chainsaw.

By having the rope attached to the lim, we can direct the limb to the ground in any direction that we want. By doing this, we avoid having the limb land on your home or on your car which was the reason you called us out in the first place.

The other way that we can have the limbs removed is through the use of a crane or a bucket truck. We want to ensure the safety of not only you but our workers as well. Sometimes a tree is too big or too awkward for our climber to climb so then we will use our bucket truck or our crane to remove the limb.



Tree trimming is a good practice for a couple of reasons. One, it is a good way to maintain the health of a tree. If you love the tree and want to continue to grow, sometimes having it trimmed from the ground up is a good way to make the limbs higher in the tree healthier and for the tree to have overall better health.

Another reason for trimming is that limbs can present great danger and wind and in storms just like a dead tree. Limbs often don’t take as much wind or force to be knocked from the tree. And while a limb may not do as much damage as a tree, it can still go through the top of your roof or crusher car. Please go look outside your home and inspect to see if there any limbs that are above your home because these limbs likely need to be looked at and ultimately trimmed.


Inevitably, when trees are removed, they leave stumps. Most people who have trees removed really do not want to have the stumps left, so they either have them removed or ground down.

It is hard to call yourself a full tree removal service in Dallas without offering the very important service of stump grinding. Stump grinding Dallas is a hodgepodge of guys with the old pickup trucks using rented stump grinders from Home Depot or Sunbelt driving around and overcharging to do a terrible job.

Vilchis Tree Service of Dallas has one of the best stump grinders money can buy. And because of this, we have the ability to grind through stumps in a very short amount of time. And by saving time we can ultimately save you money. Big money.


Vilchis Tree Service of Dallas most certainly offers just tree removal. We will come in and drop your trees and leave them where they lay. We also offer the service where we will remove the trees from the property as well. Lastly, we offer both of these things including stump grinding.

No tree service is fully complete unless you get those stumps ground, though. It can be very unappealing to have a bunch of stumps on your property. No one wants this. You got those trees removed for a reason so spend the little bit of extra money and get some stump grinding performed.


So the question inevitably becomes, “What should I get? Stump removal or stump grinding?” Well there are advantages and disadvantages to both so let’s talk about what those things are. Some advantages to stump grinding is, first and foremost, cost. Stump grinding is a much cheaper service than stump removal.

Stump removal can be very challenging and often requires the use of an excavator or a bobcat with a special attachment (assuming you want it done quickly that is). Because of this, stump removal tends to cost two or three times as much as stump grinding. The other main advantage of stump grinding is that it does not leave a huge hole in your yard.

If you don’t mind the bulk of the stump rotting over time, then stump grinding is most certainly the service for you.


So what are the advantages of stump removal? Well, there are a couple but it really ultimately depends on what you want to do. If your goal is to build an extension onto your home or to put a pool in, then stump removal is for you.

With grinding, the bulk of the stump still remains just below the ground. If you are building an extension or a garage, this is not a good thing. The stump will eventually rot, leaving soft spot in the ground which could cause sagging at that point in the foundation. This is something you definitely want to avoid.


Removing the stump will allow you to bring in fill dirt and pack it down so that this eventual sagging does not happen. Another advantage of stump removal has to do with getting grass to grow. If getting trees removed from your yard so that you can have grass grow is your end goal, the stump removal is the route you want to take.

Because the bulk of the stump remains with stump grinding, often it can be difficult to get grass to grow there for a couple of years. Once the stump rots below ground, then grass will be able to grow.

But like I said, this could take years depending on the size of the stump. Stump removal will give you nice fresh dirt on which you can grow grass.

When it is all said and done, choosing between stump grinding and stump removal should rely on two things. One, what is your budget. If you have a slightly larger budget, then stump removal may be your best bet, especially if you are looking to build or have grass grow in the spot sooner rather than later.

The second thing it relies in is specifically what you are trying to do. If you don’t mind having a bare spot in your yard for a couple of years and your budget is a little smaller, then stump grinding is likely the choice for you.

If you have any more questions, we would love to consult with you about your stump problems. We always offer free estimates so there is zero risk in calling Vilchis Tree Service of Dallas today for your free consultation. We look forward to hearing from you.


Inevitably, when trees are removed, they leave stumps. Most people who have trees removed really do not want to have the stumps left, so they either have them removed or ground down.

The start of any development, residential or commercial, is land clearing. Land clearing needs to be done quickly so that developers and homeowners alike can stay on time and meet deadlines.

It also has to be thorough, leaving absolutely nothing behind that might hinder the progress of the project.


Every land clearing project is different, and often required a different set of equipment and machinery to complete. So much has to do with the purpose of the clearing, the types of trees, the density of the wooded area, and of course being mindful of the weather, surrounding structures and unique landscaping challenges.

Ultimately, the job is the same no matter what: remove vegetation from a plot and clean up debris after. The devil is in the details, as they say.

Another thing that has to be taken into consideration, depending on where the project takes place and the type of lot it is are things like zoning, permits, utilities, and similar variables. Luckily, we’re experienced enough to know how to approach any kind of land clearing project and can work through those hurdles easily.


Many companies like Vilchis Tree Service of Dallas of Dallas offer land clearing, and what we notice is that they get the big stuff like trees and large bushes out, but often fail to clean up the scraps. When all is said and done, there’s often thousands of wood shards, sticks and scraps everywhere.

Another problem we noticed is that, unlike Paulding Arbor Solutions, many companies don’t mind the weather when going into a large project. Working on wet ground can be dangerous, and can also make development more difficult as heavy machinery moves the ground underneath, often causing the development company to do more work.

Aside from the safety and inconvenience issues, working in high winds or wet grounds can also cause more debris to spread out, becoming a huge pain point for neighbors or adjacent properties.

All that to say, we prioritize safety and quality. We won’t come when the ground is soaking wet, or there are high winds. As much as we like doing jobs quickly, it’s more important to us to do them correctly. It’s better to be safe and think longterm than to rush and ruin the job.

When you have Vilchis Tree Service of Dallas complete your land clearing job, you’re betting on use to make it perfect and quick, and that’s exactly what you’ll get.


Tree cabling might not be our most common service, but every now and then a customer loves their tree so much and the only way to save it is through cabling.

When you love a large tree and want to save it from its own weight, or plant new ones and want to make sure they grow straight up, tree cabling is the service for you. A simple concept, tree cabling is a way to make sure a tree grows or stays the way it should.

We understand how to find weak-points in large trees, and how to cable them in the right direction and to the right support for them to last the ages. As the grows, the cable will give it the support it needs to reduce the risk of falling due to its own weight, or from the forces of wind and water.

Small, new trees can often grow sideways or crooked if not cabled. We’re able to use cabling to guide small trees to grow straight up, ensuring that when they get bigger they are as beautiful and uniform as possible.


Tree cabling is more about strategy than anything else. Understanding what the tree needs, and where to cable to ensure stability is paramount. Sometimes tree limbs are cabled to the trunk of the same tree, to nearby trees, or to metal fixtures in the ground. It all depends on what the specific tree needs. Young trees are often cabled to a vertically-level steak in the ground at first, and then to a larger metal guide as they grow. When the tree reaches a certain size, the guides are removed and the tree continues to grow straight up over time. Tree cabling won’t save a dying tree; but it will save a live tree from dying, uprooting, or breaking. It’ll also position the young trees to live long lives with full, beautiful foliage.


When it comes to 24-hour emergency tree service, Vilchis Tree Service of Dallas is the only company you’ll need to call.

Things need to happed quickly when storms and wind cause property damage, and the situation is made all the worse when trees come crashing down on cars and roofs and structures.

Vilchis Tree Service of Dallas is dedicated to fast response so you’re not left waiting in the case of disaster. Our Emergency Tree Service operates 24-hours and rushes out to meet you when you’re feeling the most vulnerable to help begin the repair process.

While other services make you wait, even when rain is pouring into your living room or your driveway is blocked and you can’t leave the house, we believe that your safety and needs are paramount and always arrive quickly and in full force.


The importance of urgency cannot be overstated. During a storm, or any other reason a tree may destroy a building or vehicle, speed is the name of the game.

Imagine a tree coming through your roof, rain pouring down, right in your living room. Carpet or wood floors getting ruined, with water filling the floor and moving into other rooms. It’s the middle of the night. Kids and pets are terrified, and your home is being ruined by the elements.

Now imagine you call a tree service company who says they can make it out sometime the next day…not good enough. You need someone there in that very moment to remove the tree and tarp over the roof in order to stop the weather from further damaging your home.

You also need that company to work with your insurance provider so the costs of the emergency service doesn’t come out of pocket. Vilchis Tree Service of Dallas is that company.


During your emergency, your first priority is that your family is safe. There’s no need to also worry that the people removing the tree from your damaged property are going to cause more tertiary damage in the process.

What good is emergency service if the company doing your tree removal tear down a fence or knock over a shed in the process? It happens more often than you may think.

So, when we say “safety first”, we mean not only safety to the people and pets you live with, but safety for your property and possessions as well. The storm has done enough damage in that situation, and doesn’t need any help doing more.


What we mean by “safety second” is that, after the immediate damage is contained, and the damed portion of property secured, we’re going to asses the surrounding area to make sure you won’t need us a second time.

That means looking for other trees and limbs that pose a threat, identifying how they’re posing a risk, and acting accordingly. This could be tree trimming a large overhanging branch from over your home, fence or property, or removing or cabling a leaning tree.

We want to be absolutely sure that what has already happened doesn’t happen again, though we’d much rather come out and do it all before it becomes an emergency. It’s a lot better to plan ahead and avoid damage the it is to deal with the aftermath.


Sometimes emergencies happen and there’s nothing that could have been done to avoid them. Fortunately, damage caused by trees and storms is not one of those things. We cal almost always avoid potential disaster with the right kind of identification.

Assessing your property will allow us to identify which, of any, trees pose a threat, whether or not there are any dead trees or limbs in “hot zones”, and what should be done to prevent property damage.

People usually think of falling trees and limbs when they think of property damage, but too much wooded area right by the home poses a different threat as well: fire. As you know, dry and dead trees and bushes can be a fire hazard, and being close to the home or overhanging it could spell a double whammy of disaster.

Can you image a dead limb catching fire, breaking off the tree, and falling right into the kitchen? It’s a terrible thought, and luckily doesn’t happen often. But, extreme scenarios like that do happen sometimes, and usually to someone who should have taken preventative measures but didn’t.

The costs of not planning ahead and securing your property can be wildly high, and depending on the situation, homeowner’s insurance may not be of any help. A few hundred bucks for safety trumps a 5-figure repair bill every day of the week.

Ready To Start New Project With Vilchis?


Check Out Our Work

We love what we do, and love to show off. Here’s some great examples of our work, and why we’re the best tree service company around. 


At Vilchis Tree Service of Dallas, that is our mission. We want to continue to make Paulding county and the beautiful cities of Dallas, Hiram, Yorkville, and all the others remain beautiful and welcoming for all those who decide to move to live near us. We also want to make sure that Paulding is a safe place to live for all those who live here.

One of the most dangerous things that people never consider our trees. Those trees, though beautiful, can present some of the greatest dangers that few people ever expect. And that is why it is our mission to continue to take care of the trees by maintaining the ones that are healthy and removing the ones that present a threat to our fellow Paulding county citizens.

Please consider giving Vilchis Tree Service of Dallas a call to help with your tree needs, whether thats tree removaltree trimming, or any other kind of tree service. We ensure that we will give the greatest service at the greatest price guaranteed. All of our quotes are free and hassle free and we know that if you give us a chance that you will definitely choose us as your tree service professionals.

Safety First

We have a passion for tree service that starts not at trees, but on the safety of your home and of your family. Trees can be very dangerous especially when they are dead and near your home.

Dead trees are more prone to falling due to rain or strong winds. And when this happens, it is hard to predict where the tree will land. Unfortunately, all too often, we see trees land on homes and cause thousands of dollars in damage. Even worse, sometimes these falling trees can cause injuries to people and pets.

At Vilchis Tree Service of Dallas, your safety, your families safety, and the safety of the things you love the most, are what keep us up at night. Trees are very heavy and very dangerous and when they fall can do incredible damage.

Now, when this happens, Paulding Arbor Solutions is your go to emergency tree service provider in all of Paulding County. We have been providing Dallas with emergency tree service for more than 20 years.

Pro-Active Approach

We would like to not have to wait until trees fall to remove the trees from your property. Removing dead trees before they fall is easier, cheaper, and less dangerous for your family. The best part of this is that it’s cheaper. When a tree falls on a house, it is much more dangerous for us to come remove it, therefore we have to charge more.

Also, this gives the opportunity for your insurance company to get involved, and that can make things much more expensive as well. As Dallas’ premiere tree removal service, call us today for a free estimate.


All that to say, we want to come out and take care of your trees and dangerous lives as soon as possible. The sooner we do this, the safer it will be for your family to live around these dangerous limbs and trees.

We are full service and we offer a wide variety of services including tree removal, tree trimming, brush clearing, and stump grinding.


As a full-service tree company, you will never have to call another company to do anything else for you. Sometimes it can be a challenge to have to call more than one company to do multiple tree jobs at your house.

This creates scheduling issues, budget issues, and other unknown issues that are hard to foresee. Therefore, it is always better to have one company who can do everything and having to use multiple companies to do multiple things.

Vilchis Tree Service of Dallas, Paulding county’s premier tree service is just that company. We offer all services related to tree service from dropping to removing.