I will admit that we have a a very good marketing company that does much of our lead generation. We are very thankful for the work that they do because without them our company wouldn’t be where it is today. And no… it is not HomeAdvisor. We will NEVER use them again. Our guys are local and super engaged in the growth of our business. 

All that to say that marketing isn’t everything. Often, just being professional and timely and courteous and all the things that most tree services are not is something we feel sets us apart at Paulding Arbor Solutions. 

About a month ago, we were in eastern Dallas pretty close to Hiram and we were removing a couple of dead trees that had fallen months prior. The client wanted to utilize that part of her yard and so she wanted the trees completely removed. Obviously we obliged and loved every minute of it. We love every minute of what we do. 

And it must show. While we were working, one of her neighbors came over and was VERY impressed with the work ethic and enthusiasm of our crew. He told us he had been watching us for hours and that he could not get over how hard we worked. 

Well wouldn’t you know it, he called me over to look at a couple of pine trees in his backyard that he had been thinking about having removed. He had been putting it off, though, because he was concerned about the price. This is a hangup for a lot of people. Why wouldn’t it be. Here in West Georgia, money doesn’t grow on trees for most people. 

After looking at the two trees, both of which were not too big and pretty far from the house, I turned to him to give him the quote. Before I could speak, he interrupted me and said, “Look, I know I won’t be able to afford you guys. With a crew like that you guys must be way too expensive.”

I grinned and gave him the quote and honestly I thought he was going to fall over. And that is just it… Often people are surprised with the numbers we come back with. And that could be for a couple of reasons. 

  1. People genuinely don’t understand what goes into the pricing of removing a tree. Either the number is WAY higher than they were thinking or WAY lower. And much of this is rooted in the idea that it costs the same to remove any tree. This is not the case as the size of the tree and the proximity of that tree to the house play a huge role in the cost.
  1. Our reputation as a tree service company makes people assume that we are way more expensive than we actually are. People know that when they call Paulding Arbor Solutions they are calling one of best, fastest, hardest working tree services on all the west Georgia area. 

That being said, he agreed to the price on the spot and since we had not other jobs schedule that day and his would only take a couple of hours, we went ahead and got to work. And the best part is our guys loved it. They love doing tree service and they love to make money. 

If you are look for tree service or tree removal in Dallas then look no further than Paulding Arbor Solutions. While we won’t make the guarantee that we have the best prices, we do guarantee the quality of our work and the professionalism of our crews. In the end, what risk is there in just having us our for a free estimate. You may genuinely be surprised. 

Paulding Arbor Solutions
105 Chastain Way Dallas GA 30157
(678) 336-7722





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