Stump Grinding

It is hard to call yourself a full tree removal service in Dallas without offering the very important service of stump grinding. Stump grinding in Dallas is a hodgepodge of guys with the old pickup trucks using rented stump grinders from Home Depot or Sunbelt driving around and overcharging to do a terrible job. 

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Paulding Arbor Solutions has one of the best stump grinders money can buy. And because of this, we have the ability to grind through stumps in a very short amount of time. And by saving time we can ultimately save you money. Big money. 

Tree Stump Service

Paulding Arbor Solutions most certainly offers just tree removal. We will come in and drop your trees and leave them where they lay. We also offer the service where we will remove the trees from the property as well. Lastly, we offer both of these things including stump grinding. 

No tree service is fully complete unless you get those stumps ground, though. It can be very unappealing to have a bunch of stumps on your property. No one wants this. You got those trees removed for a reason so spend the little bit of extra money and get those stumps ground down. 

Stump Grinding Advantages

So the question inevitably becomes, “What should I get? Stump removal or stump grinding?” Well there are advantages and disadvantages to both so let’s talk about what those things are. Some advantages to stump grinding is, first and foremost, cost. Stump grinding is a much cheaper service than stump removal. 

Stump removal can be very challenging and often requires the use of an excavator or a bobcat with a special attachment (assuming you want it done quickly that is). Because of this, stump removal tends to cost two or three times as much as stump grinding. The other main advantage of stump grinding is that it does not leave a huge hole in your yard.

If you don’t mind the bulk of the stump rotting over time, then stump grinding is most certainly the service for you. 

Stump Removal Advantages

So what are the advantages of stump removal? Well, there are a couple but it really ultimately depends on what you want to do. If your goal is to build an extension onto your home or to put a pool in, then stump removal is for you. 

With grinding, the bulk of the stump still remains just below the ground. If you are building an extension or a garage, this is not a good thing. The stump will eventually rot, leaving soft spot in the ground which could cause sagging at that point in the foundation. This is something you definitely want to avoid. 

Things to Consider

Removing the stump will allow you to bring in fill dirt and pack it down so that this eventual sagging does not happen. Another advantage of stump removal has to do with getting grass to grow. If getting trees removed from your yard so that you can have grass grow is your end goal, the stump removal is the route you want to take. 

Because the bulk of the stump remains with stump grinding, often it can be difficult to get grass to grow there for a couple of years. Once the stump rots below ground, then grass will be able to grow.

But like I said, this could take years depending on the size of the stump. Stump removal will give you nice fresh dirt on which you can grow grass. 

When it is all said and done, choosing between stump grinding and stump removal should rely on two things. One, what is your budget. If you have a slightly larger budget, then stump removal may be your best bet, especially if you are looking to build or have grass grow in the spot sooner rather than later. 

The second thing it relies in is specifically what you are trying to do. If you don’t mind having a bare spot in your yard for a couple of years and your budget is a little smaller, then stump grinding is likely the choice for you.

If you have any more questions, we would love to consult with you about your stump problems. We always offer free estimates so there is zero risk in calling Paulding Arbor Services today for your free consultation. We look forward to hearing from you. 

Our Services

Tree Removal Dallas, GA

One of the primary site services that we offer is tree removal. The vast majority of customers that call us want to have trees dropped and removed from their property. The reason for this can be anything.

Whether you have a dead tree that you were concerned is going to fall on your home or your car or possibly hurt your family, or a tree that is simply blocking the satellite signal for your new TV service, we can come out and have the tree removed to ensure it no longer causes you any issues.

Now, we do offer simply tree dropping. The most labor-intensive and expensive part of removing a tree is the removal of the tree after it has been dropped. To ensure that we can remain within your budget, we offer the option of just dropping the tree and leaving it where it lays.

We understand that everyone has different budgetary limits and we try to work with each and every customer to ensure that they are happy with the job done and with the service we provide.

Tree Trimming Dallas, GA

The vast majority of our customers really only need to have limbs trimmed. Very often a living and healthy tree does not need to be removed. What needs to happen is that dangerous limbs situated above cars or above homes or in other dangerous areas simply need to be taken off of the tree so that one of those notorious Georgia storms come through, it doesn't cause the limb to fall and do nearly as much damage as a whole tree.

Tree trimming is also a much more cost effective method to ensure safety around your home without having to remove an entire tree. Another thing that comes along with removing a tree is the cost associated with either removal or grinding of the stump. This is not the case with tree trimming.

So, if you were on a budget, and you have a live tree, often it just makes sense to have the limbs trimmed back and not to have the whole tree removed. Fortunately for you, Paulding Arbor Solutions is easily the best tree trimming company in all of Paulding County and the surrounding area.

Stump Grinding Dallas, GA

Inevitably, when trees are removed, they leave stumps. Most people who have trees removed really do not want to have the stumps left, so they either have them removed or ground down.

At Paulding Arbor Solutions, we recommend stump grinding for a couple of reasons. One, it doesn't leave a large gaping hole in the ground that requires dirt to fill in. Two, the stump will eventually write and create a nice spot for grass to grow or for a pot to be placed.

 Lastly, this is a much cheaper option and stump removal. Stump removal can be very intensive and quite often cost more than a simple stump grinding. We understand the tree removal is an expensive undertaking, and we try to ensure that our price is competitive enough that you can also consider stump grinding when using our services.

Land Clearing Dallas, GA

Are you looking to have that new lot cleared out to make away for your new home or extension on your home or man cave/garage? Are you looking to get a new pool put in and you just have a bunch of brush in the way?

Paulding Arbor Solutions has been providing Paulding county with extensive brush clearing options for more than 20 years. We can make quick work of thick underbrush, privet, and any other kind of growth that is impeding your new project.

We also provide services for any contractors who are looking to do mass level development and some of the faster growing areas in Paulding county. If you are I need a quick brush clearing to make away for your development give Paulding Arbor Solutions a call today and we'd be happy to give you a free quote.

Tree Cabling Dallas, GA

Tree cabling might not be our most common service, every now and then a customer loves their tree so much and the only way to save it is through tabling. Cabling is the process of using cables to ensure that a tree that is leaning or split will continue to grow up in a vertical fashion so that it will survive and not present a dangerous leaning tree to your home or to your car.

If you have a tree that you just love so much and you're worried that the way it is growing will cause it to die sooner rather than later call us today and we can handle that by using our patented cabling system to make sure that the tree grows in the correct direction and that you have it for years to come.

24-Hour Emergency Storm Service Dallas, GA

When it comes to 24-hour emergency storm service, Paulding Arbor Solutions is the only company you'll need to call.

We respond quickly and have years of experience working with insurance companies to ensure that we can quickly move and get the tree removed from the roof of your home or other pieces of your property so that other contractors can come in and get their jobs done as well. 

We would prefer to resolve these issues before they happen, and would hope that people will recognize the dangerous trees well ahead of time. But, we know that Georgia is renowned for its crazy thunderstorms that can pop up seemingly out of nowhere.

And when Georgia red clay gets sopping wet and is combined with wind, then even the healthiest tree can be prone to falling. Don't leave the cleanup of your home and of your yard to just anyone.

Call the professionals at Paulding Arbor Solutions and we promise that we will take great care in your time of need.

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