Tree Cabling Dallas

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When you love a large tree and want to save it from its own weight, or plant new ones and want to make sure they grow straight up, tree cabling is the service for you. A simple concept, tree cabling is a way to make sure a tree grows or stays the way it should.

We understand how to find weak-points in large trees, and how to cable them in the right direction and to the right support for them to last the ages. As the grows, the cable will give it the support it needs to reduce the risk of falling due to its own weight, or from the forces of wind and water.

Small, new trees can often grow sideways or crooked if not cabled. We’re able to use cabling to guide small trees to grow straight up, ensuring that when they get bigger they are as beautiful and uniform as possible.

Tree Cabling - An Arborist's Take

Tree cabling is more about strategy than anything else. Understanding what the tree needs, and where to cable to ensure stability is paramount. Sometimes tree limbs are cabled to the trunk of the same tree, to nearby trees, or to metal fixtures in the ground. It all depends on what the specific tree needs. Young trees are often cabled to a vertically-level steak in the ground at first, and then to a larger metal guide as they grow. When the tree reaches a certain size, the guides are removed and the tree continues to grow straight up over time. Tree cabling won’t save a dying tree; but it will save a live tree from dying, uprooting, or breaking. It’ll also position the young trees to live long lives with full, beautiful foliage.