Tree Company Hiram – Will They Perform Work In The Winter?

It is a common misconception that any outdoor work comes to a screeching halt in the winter. The weather here in Hiram has indeed been miserable lately, surely chasing even the most steadfast yard guru inside.

The fact is, winter is the perfect time to contact a tree company to have several types of work done that are ideal for the dormant winter season. 

Winter offers a time to perform tree maintenance that will prepare the tree for its best growth in the spring. Not to mention a time to accomplish the tasks that are vital to limiting property damage during strong summer storms!

Here are five key jobs a tree company will do during the winter in Hiram.


Prune back the dead.

Pruning seems to be an easy enough task so why hire a tree company? Their expertise is invaluable in ensuring a healthy, shapely tree moving forward. 

Pruning appropriately means identifying and removing dead limbs while considering how healthy branches might impact the tree in the growing season. 

A well-shaped tree with no dead limbs or branches is more than aesthetically pleasing, it reduces the chances of tree damage during strong storms (including the random winter thunderstorms we get here in Hiram).

Defend property and buildings.

It sounds obvious but removing limbs that precariously dangle over parking areas or buildings is vital to avoid catastrophic damage. 

tree company can identify potentially harmful limbs by surveying for power lines, structures, and other vulnerable areas around your property. 

Once the precarious limbs are identified, experts like those at Paulding Arbor Solutions have the tools, equipment, and skills to handle the limbs – big or small. 

I cannot tell you how many people find their car smashed under a huge limb, only to say they noticed it but didn’t have a chainsaw to remove it.

Deep root fertilization.

The words fertilization and winter may not seem to make much sense but hear me out – offering fertilizer to your trees in the winter provides them the opportunity to “stock up” on nutrients they will use throughout the growing season.

A good tree company knows exactly when to use deep root fertilization to get the right nutrients to your tree accurately and quickly. 

This method is ideal because it provides the tree with exactly what it needs, where it needs it and when it needs it. 

Tree injection treatments.

Yes. Injections. Tree injection treatments are the ultimate in tree care, helping diseased trees recover and infested trees overcome their invaders.

While not an exclusively winter task, these treatments can bring a sick tree back to health in time for a productive growing season. 

Remove parasitic growths.

Ivy growth can be devastating to a tree because it can rob vital water and nutrients from the very tree it is growing on.

Removing ivy is tricky and if done incorrectly can harm the tree further. Contact a tree company, even in the winter, to evaluate ivy growth and develop a plan for its elimination. 

The winter is not a “dead zone” for yard work after all! Especially in climates enjoyed by those in and around Hiram, Georgia. Now is the time to be sure all the winter tasks are complete, as a warm up is just around the corner.

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