Tree Removal After a Storm Rips Through Dallas, Ga

Early February may not sound like the right time for thunderstorms but the forecast hit the nail on the head when it suggested Dallas, Georgia might be in line for some strong storms this morning.

As the wind whipped up and rains poured down, I could not help but think about our neighbors in the area with trees unfortunately placed in a threatening position near their homes, parking areas, or power lines. 

Thunderstorms are notorious for bringing down trees of any size. Once the storm hits, it might be too late to prevent damage. Here are some tips to help prevent tree and property damage before the real stormy season starts in Dallas, Georgia and what to do if the damage is already done.

Tree Removal – A Way Prepare Before the Storm

Select appropriate trees before planting. Many people select trees for their yard based on aesthetics alone. This is a recipe for unhealthy trees down the road that are vulnerable to storm damage. Choose trees that will thrive in your yard based on sunlight, amount of water, and soil quality. 

Create a good base with proper tree maintenance. You do not have to wait until you are ready for tree removal to contact Paulding Arbor Solutions. We offer tree maintenance services like pruning that will ensure overall health and a durable shape, making your tree more likely to withstand a spring or summer storm (or a random February deluge.)

Let us inspect your treesPaulding Arbor Solutions is more than a tree removal company. We can proactively inspect your trees to identify and treat any health issues that might weaken your tree. 

Preventative care equals preventing damage. Caring for your trees and keeping them healthy can prevent them from becoming brittle and susceptible to limbs breaking off. Water, mulch, and feed your trees on an appropriate schedule.

Emergency Tree Service – Cleaning Up After the Storm

Preparation is key and often proves beneficial by preventing unhealthy, vulnerable trees from falling or breaking during severe weather.

I know that there are times when even the best looking, well-maintained property sustains tree damage. Tree removal after a storm can be complicated and dangerous for someone without proper skills, training, and equipment.

Branches can be much heavier than they appear. I often see people attempt clearing large branches that have fallen only to fail mightily. Limbs can be very heavy and a faulty try at clearing them off a building or vehicle can lead to more damage from shifting weight.

Beware the unseen. Just because you do not see any hazards does not mean there are not any present. It is important to be sure there are no power lines being hidden by the fallen tree. It is also important to know that a trained tree removal expert will be able to assess other risks like precarious limbs before working on the downed tree.

I suggest calling a professional tree company, like Paulding Arbor Solutions, if you suffered tree damage as the storm blew through Dallas. Unless the damage is truly small limbs that you can easily move, it is best to consult us pros – we can act fast, safely, and thoroughly to get the job done right.

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