Tree Removal Hiram

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Paulding Arbor Solutions takes great pride in the fact that we are the best tree removal service in Hiram. Tree removal is what makes us get up in the morning.

There is nothing quite like watching a tree fall and the feeling it gives you when you hear it hit the ground. It is why our hearts light up whenever we get a phone call or a form filled on our website or someone is looking for a tree to be dropped.

First and foremost, we take great pride in the safety precautions that we bring to every job site. First, all of our crew from the workers up to the supervisors are equipped with the proper protective equipment before we ever even crank a chainsaw. Helmets, chaps, headphones. All are worn the minute we step on job site. This is a non-negotiable.

Once we are properly equipped in our safety gear, we carefully observe the job site to check for any possible hazards that might present a danger to our workers into our clients. While we enjoy the thrill of watching a tree fall, we do not want to take for granted the trees are very dangerous and can cause incredible damage if not treated with respect. You don’t become Hiram’s premier tree removal service by taking safety for granted. Safety is our number one priority and you will see that from our company the minute we pull onto your property.

Once we have assessed the area for safety we will make quick work of the trees on your property. We promise, there is nothing quite like seeing our crew at work when it comes to cutting down trees. We know your time is precious and we take that into account.

Tree Removal and Safety

From the minute we start to the minute we in we try to work as fast as quick as possible while also accounting for safety. It is also important to us as a company, that we work fast so that we can tend to more customers on a weekly basis. We feel like this is the best way to take care of the people in Paulding county who need to have their trees removed.

There are a wide range of ways to take down a tree. The easiest way is when a tree is far enough from the house or far enough from power lines or anything else that it can damage, we can usually just drop it pretty quickly. However, that is not most of the trees that we encounter in Paulding County.

Most of the trees we encounter are near homes or power lines so we need to be much more careful when this is the case. Sometimes, we will send one of our climbers to the top of the tree to remove limbs and then to cut the top of the tree off. By doing this, we shorten the tree, and we make it easier to fall in the direction that we wanted to. Another method that we use is hooking the tree to our bobcat and then once we run the saw we have the bobcat pool in the direction that we want the tree to fall.

Tree Removal Service - A Climber's Dream

The last thing that we try when trees are really close to someone’s home is to have the climber go up and remove the remove pieces of the tree one section at a time from the top down. This is the safest way to remove the tree when the tree is very very close to someone’s home or powerlines. If a climber cannot get to the tree, we also have access to a crane that we will use to slowly remove pieces of the tree from the property.

Once the tree is down our crew will take all of the branches in excess debris and put it into the chipper. We make sure there’s no debris or anything else around to give evidence that we were even there. We want your property to be as clean as it was when we got there with the exception of the tree.

While our crew is putting the limbs in the chipper, we will be moving the main chunks of logs to the edge of the road. Part of the price that we quoted you is to have a lumberyard come out and pick up the lumber from the side of the road. This may be only a couple of days, but we ensure it will not be more than a week.