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Can’t go around calling ourselves Paulding Arbor Solutions and only provide elite tree care to Dallas. We proudly serve the great city of Hiram as well. Paulding County is one of the greatest places to live in this entire country, and what make that true are the great cities that are located in Paulding County, and Hiram is certainly one of those. 

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At Paulding Arbor Solutions, we have been providing Dallas with professional, licensed tree care for more than a decade. And now we are proud to say we will be providing Hiram with the same kind of service. 


We are aware of some of the shortcomings that contractors in our industry have. Rough on the phone? Check. Not Paulding Arbor Solutions. We believe professionalism begins with the first call you make to us. You will be able to tell from the minute you call us that we are a tree service in Hiram that sets ourselves apart from all the rest. 


Lacking qualifications? You bet. Many of the so-called tree services that are currently operating in Paulding County are a couple of guys with a chainsaw going around town to make a quick buck. And while they may save you a little money, bear in mind that if any accidents happen, these “tree services” won’t be held accountable. We are fully-insured so that in the case of any accidents, Paulding Arbor Solutions will be the ones who foot the bill. 


Can’t do everything you ask? We’ve seen this too. Those two guys with a truck and a chainsaw may have been able to drop those trees for you, but now what are you going to do with all the debris and massive trees that are now laying in your yard as a result?

Part of being a full-service tree removal company is that not only are we capable of dropping a tree anywhere, we clean up when we are finished. We have one of the finest chippers and stump grinders money can buy so when the tree is cut down, everything that comes with it disappears. People won’t even know you had a tree. 

My wife loves a well-groomed garden. I run an ad agency, and don't really have time to upkeep the yard. 

Paulding Arbor Solutions was able to come in and clean everything up, as well as keep it clean every month.  

Kenneth G. 

Tree Service Paulding County

Yes Yes YES! Paulding Arbor Solutions saved my yard and my roof from certain doom! I thought there was no way to get a few trees, blown over by a storm, out of my way, I was wrong, This team really nailed it! 

They were out same day, and saved my roof from inevitable catastrophe. I'm also planning on using them to clear my yard so I can plant a garden. 

Julia S.

These guys are faster than sound. Seriously. I hired them to clear a few acres, and they got it done in a couple of days, not weeks like the last company. 

They were also super thorough. After they were done, I couldn't even tell there were trees there. 

Scott H.

Our Services

Tree Removal Hiram, GA

Paulding Arbor Solutions’ bread-and-butter. We love nothing more than removing trees. Working with a budget? We can just drop trees for you if you are willing to do the cleanup.

But trust us… save the time and the headache and let us take care of all that hard work for you. You’ll be glad you did. 

Tree Trimming Hiram, GA

Got some precarious limbs growing over your home that are too high for that fact pole saw to reach? We got you covered.

Through either the use of a climber or a bucket truck, we can make those limbs disappear for you, Godfather-style. 

Stump Grinding Hiram, GA

Want to really make it look like there was never a tree? Let us bring in our state-of-the-art, top-of-the-line, generally awesome remote-controlled stump grinder. This thing will eat up those stumps quicker than you can say “Timber!”

If you are wanting to get the trees removed, why not go all the way and get those stumps disappeared too.

Land Clearing Hiram, GA

While tree removal is out bread-and-butter, a little land and brush clearing brings us back to our childhood. There are few things more fun than getting to clear out a piece of land using a tractor.

So, looking to add that pool this summer, call us first to get that land cleared. Clear 500+ square feet and we may even throw in some basic grading while we are at it. 

Tree Cabling Hiram, GA

Can’t call ourselves a full service tree company without offering cabling. Many species of tree have multiple trunks coming from the ground and this can lead to some dangerous lean in an otherwise healthy tree.

Let us use our tried and true cabling system to reduce that lean and save your beautiful trees for the long term.

24-Hour Emergency Storm Service Hiram, GA

While it is our least favorite kind of work because it usually revolves around the misery of another, we are easily Paulding’s go-to company when it comes to emergency service.

Give us a call and we can deal with insurance companies and the headaches associated with them while we remove the tree from your damaged property. 

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It's no surprise to those that live here that Paulding county was listed as one of the best places to live in the United States. One, it is incredibly beautiful. We have some of the most beautiful parks and lakes that anyone interested in the outdoors could ever dream of.

Two, the people here are just wonderful. Everywhere we go and every customer we work for seems to have a smile on their face and to love living. This just goes to show the Paulding county is the greatest place to live on the planet. It is also why we love so much that we work here and get to spend all of our time here professionally.

We want to continue to invest in Paulding county and the communities that make it up because we want it to remain as beautiful for the future generations that will come behind us.

At Paulding Arbor Solutions, that is our mission. We want to continue to make Paulding county and the beautiful cities of Dallas, Hiram, Yorkville, and all the others remain beautiful and welcoming for all those who decide to move to live near us. We also want to make sure that Paulding is a safe place to live for all those who live here.

One of the most dangerous things that people never consider our trees. Those trees, though beautiful, can present some of the greatest dangers that few people ever expect. And that is why it is our mission to continue to take care of the trees by maintaining the ones that are healthy and removing the ones that present a threat to our fellow Paulding county citizens.

Please consider giving Paulding Arbor Solutions a call to help with your tree needs. We ensure that we will give the greatest service at the greatest price guaranteed. All of our quotes are free and hassle free and we know that if you give us a chance that you will definitely choose us as your tree service professionals.