Tree Trimming Acworth

Tree Trimming Dallas

Tree trimming is the most common job that we do at Paulding County tree service. Sometimes removing a tree is not necessary. Also removing a tree especially one that isn’t dead is an expensive task when all you need is to remove some limbs that are hanging over your home.

Therefore, we might not always quote you on a tree removal because we might not think it’s what you need. We try to take our customers needs into consideration when we are putting our quote together and we will not charge you for a full tree removal if you don’t need a full tree removal.

Tree trimming is much cheaper and often times is all you need when it comes to removing dangerous limbs from your property. There are a couple of ways we go about trimming trees. One, if the limbs are low and easy to get to we can simply use of holesaw with some ropes to make sure that the limbs fall where we want to. Once that happens we will use a Wood chipper to process all the limbs that we remove.

Just like with removal, we want to make sure that your property is cleaner than it was before we got there. Many companies in the Acworth area can be messy or rude or have bad customer service but that is not Paulding county tree service. Not only are we good at what we do when it comes to trimming trees, we are also good at cleaning up and making sure that your property is pristine when we leave.

Sometimes, the limbs are just too high or too precarious for a pulsar to work. So we may need to utilize two different techniques to get those limbs trimmed. The first technique, is to have our climber climb up the tree, attach a rope to the limb, and then remove the limb with the small chainsaw.

By having the rope attached to the lim, we can direct the limb to the ground in any direction that we want. By doing this, we avoid having the limb land on your home or on your car which was the reason you called us out in the first place.

The other way that we can have the limbs removed is through the use of a crane or a bucket truck. We want to ensure the safety of not only you but our workers as well. Sometimes a tree is too big or too awkward for our climber to climb so then we will use our bucket truck or our crane to remove the limb.

Tree Trimming - The Easy Decision

Tree trimming is a good practice for a couple of reasons. One, it is a good way to maintain the health of a tree. If you love the tree and want to continue to grow, sometimes having it trimmed from the ground up is a good way to make the limbs higher in the tree healthier and for the tree to have overall better health.

Another reason for trimming is that limbs can present great danger and wind and in storms just like a dead tree. Limbs often don’t take as much wind or force to be knocked from the tree. And while a limb may not do as much damage as a tree, it can still go through the top of your roof or crusher car. Please go look outside your home and inspect to see if there any limbs that are above your home because these limbs likely need to be looked at and ultimately trimmed.